What Are The Requirements For Surrogacy In California

Women who feel called to support others in becoming parents may have considered becoming surrogates. But do you match the qualifications for a surrogate mother? Mainly if you are from California, there are a few requirements that you should be aware of. 

California did not set the majority of surrogate criteria as a state. Instead, prospective surrogates must fulfill the conditions set forth by each surrogacy practitioner or agency.

The guidelines below will help you prepare to be a surrogate mother in California so you may determine whether you match them or not.

What Is Surrogacy?

Before we get down to the requirements, it is essential to understand first what surrogacy is and why surrogate parents need to meet some criteria. 

In surrogacy, a woman consents to bear a child for another person. The chosen parent or parents receive custody and responsibility of the child once it is taken from the birth mother. There are complex legal and medical requirements for surrogacy. It’s essential to comprehend the procedure, get expert counsel, and establish a support network.

Requirements For Surrogacy In California

So, if you desire to be a surrogate mother in California, it’s time to check if these requirements resonate with you. 

Age Requirements

Although there isn’t a legal age limit in California for being a surrogate mother, most specialists prefer surrogate moms to range from the age of 21 and 41. However, various agencies have different age requirements.

Health conditions Requirements

The ideal surrogate must meet specific health criteria that California surrogacy experts have established. Several measures have been implemented to guarantee that all individuals are safeguarded during surrogacy. These health specifications encompass the following:


  • Abstinence from drugs and smoking
  • You must have at least one child born without any significant issues and have health records to confirm it. 
  • You must have given birth via vaginal delivery over three to four times and one to two times via cesarean section. 
  • BMI should be within a healthy range of 19 to 33.


Background Check Required

To become a surrogate parent in California, you cannot have any convictions or other significant criminal histories. There will be a background screening at the federal and state levels to determine if you are the best surrogate prospect. Some agencies also demand that your live-in partner undergo a background screening. 

Psychological and Emotional Needs

Not only can being pregnant strain your body, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Professionals in the field of surrogacy will seek to confirm that a prospective surrogate is mentally and emotionally capable of handling the rigors of the surrogacy procedure. Potential surrogates typically undergo psychological testing, personality assessments, and interviews to ascertain their mental and emotional well-being.


These requirements ensure that both you, as a surrogate mother, and the baby will be safe and have a promising future together. Surrogacy entails a huge responsibility, but when you are committed and love what you are doing, it can be the most fulfilling experience in your life. Learn from California’s surrogacy agency if you want to know more about surrogate parenting. Give us a call now!

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