Intended Parents

Becoming a parent through surrogacy

There are many reasons why people choose to become parents through surrogacy. Many people would like to become parents but due to infertility issues, cannot carry a child to term. Surrogacy is also a great option for same sex couples and single people who want the experience of being a parent. Surrogacy is an amazing experience; in addition to giving a child a family, surrogacy can help you learn about yourself, strengthen your relationship with your partner, and it can also bring you closer to your friends and family.

Our surrogacy agency in California, USA can help you finding an amazing surrogate and egg donor and fulfill your dream. 

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Surrogacy Process

The first step in working with our program is to have a complimentary consultation with one of our team members. This can be conducted either in person, or video call. A consultation can be  scheduled at time that’s convenient for you. This consultation allows us to meet one another and affords us the opportunity introduce you to our program. The consultation is an opportunity to address all of your questions and concerns about surrogacy with the professionals involved in this field, including:

  • Detailed outline of how our program works.
  • Financial aspects of surrogate parenting.
  • An overview of the medical aspects of an IVF cycle and if necessary, a discussion of your medical history. We are not doctors and cannot offer you any medical advice. However we have been in practice for many years and are happy to share our experience with you and the outcome of prior couples in our program who have had a similar medical condition to yours. If we are unable to answer any of your questions, we will consult with a reproductive endocrinologist (doctor specializing in infertility treatment) and get back to you with the answers or have you talk directly to the doctor about your particular situation.
  • Description of how we screen surrogate mothers and give you details on the matching process between couples and surrogate mothers
  • An open discussion on what characteristics you want in your surrogate mother, the amount of contact you are comfortable having with your surrogate mother before and after the birth.
  • The issue of terminating a pregnancy in the event of a serious problem, and selectively reducing a pregnancy from three to two babies is also addressed.
  • What to tell friends and relatives, and how, when and what to tell your child about his/her unique beginnings.
  • In case of international surrogacy: the documentation that is required to have you recognized as the legal parents and how to obtain the necessary documents to allow you to legally return home with your child.

International Parents

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We welcome couples from all over the world! International couples make up a large part of our program. 

We have been assisting couples realize their dream of parenting for many years and we have celebrated the birth of hundreds of babies. There is no other agency in the world that has the experience, both in skilled staff as well as years of operation, or reputation that we have. 

Many agencies will state that they are the oldest or the gold standard or offer individual attention. Yes there is a doctor’s office that participated in surrogacy years ago, but they were a medical facility not an agency.

We believe that there is no greater gift in life than in being a parent. We stand ready to help any couple that desires to become parents regardless of what country they live in.

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