How To Become An Egg Donor

Being an egg donor is a rewarding experience, both financially and emotionally. The desire to start a family would not be possible for many patients without the kind people who donate their eggs.

Our team and doctors who have attained board certification will guide you through the egg donation procedure. We offer emotional assistance to donors because our on-site counselors know the psychological implications of becoming an egg donor.

The intended parents can realize this ambition and form a limited bond with their child through egg donation. At California Surrogacy Agency, we understand what a unique and individual gift is to donate your eggs. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that all our donors are treated with respect, support, and compassion and generous payment for their donations.

You are providing intending parents with a genetic gift to assist them in starting a family by donating your eggs. To achieve this, we seek out the most intelligent ladies who will successfully pair up prospective parents. 

We constantly search for egg donors who meet the minimum requirements listed below:

  • You are between the ages of 21 and 30.
  • You experience regular monthly cycles.
  • There are no issues with your fertility.
  • You don’t use drugs or smoke cigarettes.
  • You have a BMI below 29.
  • You are over 5’2″ in height.
  • No prior use of drugs, alcohol, or mental disorders
  • You agree to administer medicine by injection.
  • You consent to undergoing physical, mental, and drug testing
  • You agree to have an outpatient procedure to retrieve your eggs.
  • You’re capable of adhering to medical advice.

Beyond these characteristics, how you behave as a person influences how we treat your application. The egg donation procedure will be beneficial and rewarding for intelligent, compassionate, strong, and generous ladies. We would be interested in hearing from you if you believe you understand how to donate eggs correctly and that you match our requirements.

Getting Started as an Egg Donor

Putting the application form together is the first step in the egg donor procedure. We find out more about your inclinations, character traits, and ancestry here. This data helps us assess your likelihood of having a positive experience with egg donation and your compatibility with the intended parent. A member of our intake team will interview you following the approval of your application, and they will also assist you in filling out the necessary papers for enrolment.

The egg donation process will then be explained to you, along with its advantages and disadvantages, before you go through a psychological examination. We do this to make sure that our egg donors are comfortable with their decision to provide such a crucial donation. Upon being chosen by the intended parent, you will undergo a medical examination to be checked for any contagious diseases, drug use, and general health. If the prospective parents wish it, you might need to go through a genetic test.

After completing all exams, California Surrogacy Center will set up legal counsel for you. The lawyers will create a contract you and the intending parents will sign. The donor cycle will start on the first day of your subsequent period. Until about 36 hours before the egg retrieval surgery, you must self-administer injectable drugs to stimulate your ovaries. You will need to come to our facility multiple times throughout this time so we can keep an eye on your development.

Egg retrieval is the penultimate stage of the egg donor procedure. As the doctor extracts the eggs from your ovaries using a tiny needle, you will be sedated during the evening. Following this, it’s typical to have weariness or brief cramping. The majority of egg donors can resume their regular schedules the next day.

Are you considering donating your eggs? Get in touch with California Surrogacy Agency now!

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