What Is Surrogacy Pregnancy?

Raising children today poses several challenges for married couples. Mothers may have many problems with their bodies, preventing them from becoming parents. Having a surrogate mother comes as a great blessing for them. When the original mother cannot carry a child for any reason, a surrogate is used to have the child. A betrothed couple who cannot conceive medically or are gay parents can choose to use surrogacy as a means of third-party reproduction. Surrogacy can be divided into two types: 

  • Traditional surrogacy 
  • Gestational surrogacy. 

As a traditional approach to surrogacy, the surrogate mother’s egg is used to facilitate conception. Contrary to this, gestational surrogacy involves using eggs from the intended mother or donor for the transfer of embryos obtained through IVF. Therefore, gestational surrogacy has become more convenient with the advent of IVF. It is important to note that the surrogate mother faces psychological and health risks during pregnancy and gestation. Further, because a woman giving birth is typically regarded as the legitimate mother of the child, the legal procedures for parenthood following surrogacy are complicated. The intended parents adopt the child after the surrogate mother formally abandons parental authority.

What Makes Surrogacy Safe?

When the original mother faces health problems that may be magnified during pregnancy or childbirth or are physically incapable of doing so, surrogacy is sometimes considered a safe option for people who wants a baby. Pregnancy can sometimes be affected by male problems like poor sperm counts or poor quality if a man cannot produce sperm. The benefits of surrogacy include the possibility of having children without any health issues on their hands.

As a second precaution, the surrogate mother and the baby are constantly monitored by doctors. A surrogate mother also earns money through this method to support their families, and surrogacy is typically considered a very noble and respectable thing to do. Both parties can find an escape through this process, and a new life is born.

Although many states are putting procedures in place to safeguard surrogacy contracts that prevent the exploitation of surrogates, avoid a black market of baby carriers, and protect the interests of all parties involved, there are still many concerns regarding the exploitation of surrogates. Surrogacy has only been contested in the courts in a tiny percentage of cases despite media controversy. All parties involved in surrogacy contracts are satisfied with how the contract was handled. Many couples have benefited from surrogacy by experiencing pregnancy and childbirth in a nontraditional manner.

Build Your Family Through Surrogacy: Why Choose It?

Building a family through surrogacy is possible for people from all walks of life, including couples, singles, and transgender women.

The following intended parents use surrogacy:

  • Infertility struggles experienced by heterosexual couples.
  • An intended mother who cannot carry a child.
  • Genetic defects or health conditions that intending parents do not want to pass onto their children.
  • Intended parents who are gay or trans wish to have a genetic link to their child.

There is no one-size-fits-all surrogacy experience, and we are honored to be able to help grow so many amazing families both across the country and overseas. California Surrogacy Agency is here to help you build a family through surrogacy. Contact us today for more information!

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