New Surrogacy Why Women Become Surrogates

Mothers who have had their own families may want to help someone build a family through surrogacy after they have finished having their own children. The number of individuals and couples who are having a problem with carrying a baby continues to rise, and the demand for gestational surrogates is also rising.

Surrogacy is appealing to many women for a variety of reasons. A surrogate may have inspired her or she may have heard of a couple who had struggled with infertility and were able to achieve their parenthood dreams thanks to a surrogate. 

Money is not the only reason these amazing women help intended parents, although they do receive compensation for their time and effort. Giving birth to a baby who is someone else’s child after carrying it for nine months is a huge commitment. Selflessness and a passion for helping others motivate a person to pursue such an emotional and physical experience.

Women become surrogates for seven reasons:

1. The joy it brings them has been witnessed firsthand


Many women have already heard of surrogacy in their own communities. Seeing how surrogacy has brought joy and happiness to those around them, whether it was a relative or a friend, is often enough to spark their interest in exploring it themselves.


2. Understanding of Infertility Trauma


A woman can be inspired to become a surrogate not only by her positive surrogacy experience. Infertility is an incredibly heartbreaking experience for close friends and family members. Women who know close to them that they are unable to conceive can be a strong motivation to help them.


3. Wants to help others


People who have a natural tendency towards selflessness are those who wish to contribute back to the world. Women who volunteer to be surrogates can experience the highest level of fulfillment and reward. Sometimes, they are simply doing it to give back to the community.


4. Someone they know is in need of assistance


A woman may want to help a friend or a family member. Surrogates often become surrogates for emotional reasons. To give the greatest gift of life to someone you know is very fulfilling knowing that it gives them genuine happiness.


5. Incentive Compensation


There are many reasons why women choose to become gestational carriers, but there are also some who do so for financial reasons. Whether they desire to be surrogates for financial reasons or as part of their dreams, generous surrogate compensation can influence their decision to become a surrogate.


6. Pregnancy is enjoyable for them


Being pregnant and carrying a baby for nine months is a wonderful experience for many women. Surrogates are deeply motivated when they are able to nurture the life of an infant on behalf of a couple who are unable to do it.


7. Having a Sisterhood of Surrogates is enjoyable for them


Women who decide to become surrogates also choose to become part of a close-knit community once they begin their journey. A surrogate sisterhood is a group of surrogates who get together regularly and become lifelong close friends. There is often great satisfaction and enjoyment to be able to support and help a group of sisters who are going through the same thing.

It is a major life decision to decide to be a surrogate mother. Giving a healthy baby to another family is an incredibly rewarding experience. So if you want to be a surrogate mother, California Surrogacy Agency can offer you a lot of benefits. We are one of the trusted agencies in California.

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