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Did you know that you can become a parent, without reproducing? As intended parents, you choose to become parents through legal, medically monitored donor insemination or gestational carriers. California law allows intended parents to create a family, by becoming parents of children who are carried and conceived with third-party reproductive assistance.

Permitted heterosexual families can be composed of a married woman and man, who both give their consent to use assisted reproductive technology(ART) for them to conceive through third-party reproductive assistance.

The ART process allows heterosexual couples or single women to experience pregnancy, while gestational carriers serve as the birth mother. Once the baby is born, intended parents gain all legal rights and responsibilities of parentage by finalizing a post-birth order in court. 

Through a surrogacy agreement and pre-birth orders, intended parents can also gain parental rights before the child is born. Surrogate mothers always retain their own parental rights and responsibilities for any children they carry and give birth to.

Surrogate motherhood is very rewarding for both surrogate mothers and intended parents, but there are some important issues to consider.


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As one of the top surrogacy agencies in California, we will guide you through the process of creating your family. Our compassionate surrogacy specialists are available to answer your questions and help you start this exciting journey.

We are aware of how overwhelming this process can be and as such, we will take the journey with you. We have created a comprehensive program for both intended parents as well as surrogate mothers. We take care of all legal documentation, ensure that your relationship is built on solid ground and the surrogate mother receives the medical support she needs.

Our program is cost-effective, allowing you to take advantage of valuable savings through our surrogate mother’s compensation package. The surrogate mother benefits from a safe, cost-effective, medically monitored pregnancy with ample medical insurance, living expenses, and financial security. Our intended parents also benefit by saving money on legal fees through the use of our co-parenting agreement.

Intended Parents Guide


Many intended parents seek surrogacy because it is easier than adoption. However, there are three key differences between these two methods of achieving parenthood. First, intended parents have more control over the whole process by using ART to create their family. 

Second, surrogacy is much less complicated than adoption because it is easier to get all of your necessary paperwork completed quickly. Finally, many couples cannot adopt but can still have biological children of their own through IVF treatment. The combination of these factors makes surrogacy the right choice for many intended parents.

Though it is not always easy to find a surrogate mother, we have made it easier for all. Don’t hesitate to call us or email us with any questions you may have about starting this process. 

We welcome you to explore our website and learn more about surrogacy and how we can help make your dreams come true. We will take you through our intended parents California program step-by-step.

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