How to Find Out Which Surrogacy Agency Pays the Most

Surrogacy compensation can play a vital role in the surrogacy experience. It can mean paying off her student loans or a down payment on a new home for a woman. This is why many women search for the surrogacy agency that delivers the most. However, it is essential to note that not all surrogacy agencies pay the same amount.

When choosing a surrogacy agency, the compensation package should include the number of maternity clothes, childcare, and monthly expenses. While this may sound like a large sum, most surrogacy contracts only cover up to $5000 of the base compensation. Some surrogacy agencies will also include reimbursements for medical expenses.

While surrogacy agencies may pay high compensation rates, the distance between intended parents and surrogates is another factor to consider. If an intended parent lives thousands of miles away from their surrogate, they may not be able to participate in the pregnancy fully. They may also be unable to attend appointments and speak the surrogate’s language. This distance can negatively impact the surrogate’s relationship with the intended parents.

Most surrogacy agencies also pay surrogates for health insurance and other perks, such as free maternity clothes. Some of these perks are mandatory, while others are excellent incentives. Surrogates need extra cash to cover pregnancy expenses and pay for maternity clothes. Some agencies also invite surrogates to join monthly support groups.

Surrogates in California earning figures may vary depending on the surrogate’s experience and personal circumstances. For example, surrogates in states with laws protecting surrogacy may earn higher pay than those in less-friendly states. Furthermore, health insurance benefits may vary depending on location and family situation. Therefore, it’s essential to review the compensation package carefully.

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