How Much Does Surrogacy Pay?


Surrogacy is a big business. You might think that the only people making money are the parents who get a baby, but you would be wrong. Surrogates can make a lot of money, too. So how much does surrogacy pay? Let’s take a look.

How much does surrogacy pay to the surrogate?

Surrogates can receive between $20,000 and $30,000 as a fee for their services. This number varies depending on location and other factors, but that is a good starting point. Some couples choose to cover all of the surrogate’s medical expenses – including prenatal vitamins and any hospital stays she may need during pregnancy – as well as paying her the fee listed above. Other couples view this as part of “the cost of doing business” and would prefer to offer less than the maximum amount to their surrogate. It really comes down to personal preference.

Is there anything else that goes along with how much does surrogacy pay?

Yes! The couple who has hired your services will also pay for any legal fees that you might incur. They may even require a bond in the amount of $10,000 to $20,000 depending on where they live and how much money they want for your services.

How much does surrogacy pay to the surrogate’s spouse?

Surrogates can also receive additional compensation from their spouses in most cases. If this is something that interests you (assuming that you are married), then be sure to discuss it with your partner before accepting the contract! It won’t affect negotiations either way if both parties agree ahead of time.

Can I negotiate how much does surrogacy pay?

Yes! The more specific terms that you and your attorney can agree upon, the better. For example:

How much does surrogacy pay to the surrogate and her spouse? If you and your partner don’t want to offer anything additional, then that’s completely up to you both.

What is the surrogate responsible for in terms of maternity clothes? Most couples are willing to pick up the tab on this one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! It can help with how much does surrogacy pay negotiations if they are willing to treat this as part of the overall package instead of extra.

Which medical expenses will be reimbursed under which conditions? Will they cover all prenatal care expenses or just some of them? Discuss ahead of time so there are no surprises later on. This may have an impact on how much surrogacy pay.

How soon can the surrogate return to her regular activities after delivery? Most couples ask that the surrogate remain on medical bed rest until the baby is born and then wait at least two weeks before returning to school or work. If your surrogate would prefer to jump right back into life, this could impact how much does surrogacy pay too!

How much does surrogacy pay to the surrogate and her spouse? This is a good one. Discuss if they want to cover any or all of your pregnancy related expenses or not. It can give you great insight into how well suited this couple is for surrogacy, so it’s definitely worth discussing.

How Much Does Surrogacy Pay: The “Bottom Line”

Most importantly, be sure that you feel comfortable with how much does surrogacy pay prior to signing your contract! If you aren’t happy then don’t do it! You’ll be stuck no matter what happens after that point, so make sure everything else falls into place for you first.

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