How Much Does Surrogacy Cost With A Family Member

There are a lot of costs associated with surrogacy. In general, once all the expenses are accounted for, you’ll probably end up with a figure starting at $100,000. Prospective parents often consider adoption a less expensive option due to the high number of infants. Depending on your circumstances, there may be a difference between $20,000 and $50,000. There is no price to put on the joy and love a child can bring to a family. Surrogacy and adoption statistics are high, but you can’t quantify the value of a child. 

In surrogacy, the highest cost is the fee paid to the surrogate mother for nine months and all other costs associated with the process. The cost of your surrogacy may be reduced extremely if a close family member carries the baby for you. Although your family member might agree to act as a surrogate for a reduced fee, you will still have to pay significant amounts for the pregnancy. To determine how much you can save if a family member helps you pay for surrogacy, let’s examine its costs in more detail.

The Cost Of Surrogacy With A Family Member

There is no such thing as a standard surrogacy journey. An expert like California Surrogacy Agency can provide information about the cost of surrogacy with family members. The cost estimate for your trip can be determined most accurately by identifying the services you need and the associated costs.

The Things You Don’t Have To Pay For

Using a surrogacy professional’s matching services is unnecessary if you carefully choose a gestational carrier on the same basis as when you use a family member as your surrogate. The services provided by surrogacy agencies and programs are available to intended parents interested in finding the perfect surrogate mother for their child. The cost of these unnecessary services will be waived if you have already found her.

Most confirmed surrogacies involve intended parents, and their surrogates agree on an altruistic surrogacy or at least a surrogacy with a minimal compensation agreement from their intended parents. Because of this, your surrogate mother’s costs will be much lower when she is a family member rather than a stranger. You may be able to avoid the cost of surrogate compensation if your relative is comfortable with the idea of giving you her services for free.

What You Must Pay

You must still seek services and consult with professionals for a safe and healthy surrogacy journey regardless of the surrogacy plan you have identified. Before taking part in this process, every gestational carrier and intended parent should undergo a background assessment and screening. The surrogacy process demands a great deal of emotional, mental, and physical effort from both parties. Both parties should be screened to ensure that they are prepared for these responsibilities, thereby increasing the possibility of a successful surrogacy during its first attempt to happen.

To complete your embryo transfer process and surrogacy contract, you must work with a fertility clinic and surrogacy lawyer. If you are considering surrogacy with a family member, you should contact each of these professionals to find out how much it would cost you to use their services.

A surrogacy agency might be able to provide you with a quote that includes the medical and legal costs associated with a family member’s surrogacy. A breakdown of surrogacy costs can be found here at California Surrogacy Agency. Our experts are always ready to examine your case and provide a cost estimate according to your specific needs.

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