Become an Egg Donor

Making yourself available to donate your eggs for use in the creation of embryos that will be carried by surrogates is an amazing act of selfless love. Many women are now donating their eggs to help complete strangers build their families. Perhaps you’re wondering if you can do this, or maybe you know someone who’s interested and want more information.

We are a surrogacy agency in California and we work with many fertility clinics in the US and worldwide. We want to inform our readers about the process of becoming an egg donor so that you can help create families who long for children.

What Does It Mean To Be An Egg Donor?

As an egg donor, you will go through a series of medical tests and procedures during which you will be compensated for your time. Egg donors are needed because the majority of women who need fertility help do not have healthy eggs of their own. If you’re a match, it’s as simple as removing your eggs from one place and putting them into the uterus of another woman who then carries those embryos to term.

While being an egg donor sounds rather simple, there’s a lot that goes into it. Some women are ruled out at the very beginning of the process because they don’t meet the requirements set by fertility clinics.

Our facility makes it possible for women who want to donate their eggs to be matched with recipients they’ll feel good about. We strongly believe that you should be compensated for your time and effort, but we also want everyone involved to go into this process feeling happy and fulfilled.


Simple and Clear Process

At California Surrogacy Agency, we have made it our mission to make the process of becoming an egg donor as simple and clear as possible. We understand that, like any other medical process, it can be complicated and we want you to feel supported by our staff at every stage.

It doesn’t matter where you live because this is a medical process that connects women from all around the world with recipients who need eggs. You’ll never have to meet the recipient or talk on the phone. Your identity will remain anonymous throughout the entire process and you won’t have any legal responsibilities after donating your eggs.

In short, being an egg donor is a great way to help someone who has been unable to conceive their own child for whatever reason. It can mean so much to a complete stranger out there who is longing for a child. If you’d like to know more and see if you qualify, our experienced staff is ready to help.

Get Started Today


Did you know by becoming an egg donor, you can change the lives of two families at once?

At California Surrogacy Agency, we can help you get started on the process of becoming an egg donor quickly and easily. We want to make talking about the subject easy for everyone involved, so contact us today to find out if you’re eligible to donate your eggs.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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